As a safety precaution, some summer overnight- and day-camps require a pre-participation physical exam. This type of camp physical exam helps determine if your child is able to safely participate in camp activities. It also helps alert the camp staff to any allergies or medical conditions that may impact activity while at camp. Before sending the kids off to summer camp program visit us at EG Healthcare for a camp physical. Our healthcare providers, just like any other primary care physician or pediatrician, will examine your child and fill out the appropriate paperwork so your child can experience a summer to remember.

As parents, we advise you to go through the below listed camp physical exam list to prepare your child for the tests.

  • Bring the camp physical form so that our healthcare provider can sign it.
  • If your child wears contact lenses or prescription eye glasses, we request you to bring their prescription along.
  • Any relevant medical records.
  • Any documentation of your child’s immunization.

Camp Physical Session

In addition to reviewing your child’s existing health condition, our primary care provider will also discuss your child’s medical history in detail with you. As noted above, please come prepared with a list of allergies, current medications, treatments and any other health related issues.

As with any doctor’s or pediatrician physical exam, we will evaluate your child’s blood pressure, heart rate and other physical attributes depending on the particular camp’s requests.

We will provide a copy of the results to you and can send relevant documents via an encrypted email service — we can even re-send them via encrypted email in the event of misplacement.

We provide camp physicals for all types of camps including:

  • Sports Summer Camps
  • Educational Camps
  • Arts Camps
  • Day Camps
  • Overnight Camps
  • Traditional Camps
  • Specialized Camps

A friendly reminder that a camp physical should not be considered a replacement for your child’s annual physical exam. Children can sometime test positive for allergies and other medical issues during camp physical sessions, EG Healthcare also provides comprehensive treatment to alleviate the effects of these concerns.

Whether it’s a camp physical exam, annual exam or a routine checkup, you have the following reasons to choose EG Healthcare:

We give priority to our patient’s concerns and believe in offering personalized care for each patient. We provide affordable health care services and we strive for minimal wait times. We use the latest technology to ensure that all our patients are given quality medical care. Contact us or use the link to schedule an appointment. Most types of insurances are accepted and, if you do not have insurance, our physical exams are affordable. Our goal is to make sure you get the medical attention and services you need.