Annual physical exams ensure wellness and promote an overall healthy lifestyle. They are also important because they allow you and your primary care provider to evaluate any warning signs or issues that need to be treated. During the physical examination, we may make recommendations for additional medical exams and tests to help give us more information about your current health status.

We strongly encourage all patients, both children and adults, to schedule an annual check up. At EG Healthcare, we will discuss your medical history, your current medications, vaccination status and family medical history, we will then perform a comprehensive physical exam.

We believe in offering tailored medical care for all of our patients and their physical needs. This is why our annual physical exam begins with a detailed session with one of our health care providers who can provide services just like any other primary care physician. During this examination, you can expect a variety of medical tests including blood pressure, heart rate and other vitals. Additionally, as with any other examination with a doctor, you can expect a detailed discussion about any of your health concerns. We will also discuss specific details about you, including work-life balance, dietary and lifestyle habits. By the end of your annual physical with one our primary care providers you can expect to have a better picture of your overall physical well being and if necessary, a plan of action of any steps to take to improve your overall health. The healthcare provider will take into consideration all of your vital information such as vaccination status, allergies, supplements, relationships, family medical history.

It’s never too late to begin annual physical examinations and your first annual physical exam is the most important one as it allows our primary care providers, just like any other primary care physician, the ability to gather a considerable amount of information about your health, which can be accomplished by performing some basic tests in the our medical office. If, due to these results, we feel that you need a more focused examination into a particular pathology we will order additional diagnostics and follow-up appointments with other specialists and doctors.

What to Expect

The physical exam portion will include gathering your vital signs, health history and medication review Then an exam of your heart, lungs. head and neck, abdomen, skin and neurological status will be performed. To complete the physical, we may draw blood in order to run several laboratory tests. These can include a complete blood count and chemistry panel. This helps detect irregularities in the blood that might indicate a larger problem. We may also request a lipid panel, or cholesterol test, to determine if a patient has an increased risk of heart attack, heart disease, or stroke. Testing for diabetes as well as thyroid issues may also be performed.

Depending on your age, sex and family history additional screening tests may be ordered. These may include: Mammograms, Colonoscopy and Osteoporosis Screening.

Once we get your total medical picture we may also refer you to the appropriate doctor or specialist to further evaluate your medical condition if needed.


To prepare yourself for the physical exam, we suggest that you go through this annual physical exam checklist and make a note of the following:

  • Things that you are, or believe you are, allergic to
  • What current supplements and medications you are currently taking, including dosages
  • Any health concerns
  • Lab test results
  • Family health history
  • The contact details of any doctors that you are currently seeing

Routine physical exams, especially for older individuals can turn out to be vital when it comes to preventing any potential health concerns. They can also help get ahead of any potential concerns and to take precautionary steps in advance. Let us treat you today with hopes of living healthier tomorrow. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Most forms of insurance are accepted and, if you do not have insurance, our physical exams are affordable. Our goal is to make sure you get the medical attention and services you need.