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IV Drip Therapy for Health and Wellness

At EG Healthcare’s IV Infusions, we provide IV vitamin drips in support of healthy function, immune strength, energy boosts, detoxification and age prevention. Our safe and unique IV therapies consist of a range of ingredients depending on the formula chosen, including vitamins and antioxidants, glutathione and electrolytes.

How EG Healthcare’s IV Infusions Drip Therapy Works

Intravenous or IV drips connected to a saline solution with a blend of vitamins, electrolytes or glutathione are delivered straight into the bloodstream. The IV bag is located above the patient’s head while the unique formula is given intravenously through gravity. Providing nutrients and antioxidants to the body in this manner supports faster absorption of essential elements into the bloodstream.

Why is Your IV Therapy Different?

What makes our vitamin therapy so unique, is the ability to deliver essential nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes straight into the bloodstream. Our hydration therapies act faster than any other oral supplement. Whether you require electrolytes to replenish your energy and tired muscles or vitamin and antioxidant support to fight the signs of aging, we provide various IV therapies developed to address health needs and concerns.

No Delays

Unlike oral supplementation, IV Drips are bioavailable and ready for your body to use immediately.

Straight to the Source

Bypass the gut and get nutrients right where you need them – your bloodstream.

Level Up

Unlock the therapeutic benefits of high-dose nutrients delivered via IV drip therapy.

Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated at a cellular level – pH and osmolyte balanced fluids help your cells absorb nutrients and work at peak performance.

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          "My energy levels were stronger the next day, I felt more attentive and awake and I will most definitely be returning again!"

– SB

          "The following day my skin has never felt better I highly recommend to everyone to get an IV, it is SO worth it"

– JE

          "I love getting my IVs at EG Healthcare their staff are so welcoming and their IV lounge is so comfortable I want one in my house!"

– JT