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Quick Calm IV therapy

The Calming IV is excellent for people with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, migraines or muscle tension. Those who suffer anxiety find it difficult to cope with daily life stressors. It can be challenging to get through the day or sleep at night. IV therapy, in conjunction with other medical recommendations, can help alleviate some of the anxiety. This injection contains a potent combination of GABA, Magnesium, Taurine, and Theanine.

Highlighted Ingredients


Taurine is an essential amino acid, but stops producing it in times of extreme physical exertion, therefore utilizing supplementation is beneficial. Taurine acts as a metabolic transmitter and is also known to have a detoxifying effect. Taurine aids in glucose metabolism by increasing the activity of the insulin receptors making this a good option for diabetics or those with insulin resistance. Taurine also improves fat metabolism in the liver and helps to decrease triglycerides and LDL levels by reducing bile acids. Taurine works on the same receptors in the brain as glycine and GABA to promote relaxation.

Calcium Gluconate

Calcium is a mineral supplement that plays a role in many of your body’s essential functions. Your body does not produce calcium and depends on your diet intake and supplements to get its supply. Lack of calcium can lead to health problems such as osteoporosis. Your body needs calcium to help circulate blood, move muscles, and release hormones. Calcium also helps carry messages from your brain to other parts of your body.

Methylcobalamin (B12)

The natural form of B12 is better absorbed than Cyanobalamin and has been used to treat pernicious anemia and diabetic and peripheral neuropathy. Vitamin B12 is an essential component for proper digestion, absorption of foods, and for normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fat. It aids in maintaining healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is needed to make DNA. Vitamin B12 is also involved in homocysteine metabolism and plays a critical role in proper energy metabolism, immune function, and nerve function.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium plays an important role in many of the body’s enzymatic reactions and plays an important role in neurochemical transmission and muscle contraction and relaxation and therefore has been used successfully for seizures and other muscle related problems. Magnesium acts on the vascular system to produce vasodilation – the relaxation of blood vessel walls increasing blood flow, which can help with lowering blood pressure and also preventing and treating migraine headaches.


GABA is derived from the amino acid Glutamic acid. It is found in large amounts in the Hypothalamus. GABA is a muscle relaxant, decreases anxiety, aids in secreting growth hormone, promotes sleep, and helps with hypoglycemia.


  • Calm Injection
  • Methylcobalamin (B12)
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Calcium Gluconate


It is important to note that due to the GABA ingredient it is normal to experience a side effect similar to that of Niacin consumption immediately after injection. You may note a flushing sensation, slight shortness of breath and/or increased heart rate immediately after injection. These symptoms may last for a few seconds to several minutes and are generally harmless.


  • General Nutrition
  • Drug Detox
  • Athletic Training
  • Depression
  • Asthma Attacks
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome)