Pre-Employment Physical

Some industries will require a pre-employment physical or health assessment before final consideration of employment. We, at EG Healthcare, take into account your medical history and provide the physical examination that will best aid in determining your physical status. And best part of all, we will perform the examination in a quick and professional manner so you can deliver the results to your employer as soon as possible.

Our pre-employment physicals can include the following:

  1. Wellness Examinations – We’ll review your current health and medical needs, and if needed, create a plan to improve your health.
  2. Fitness-For-Duty Examinations – We’ll test your medical condition in order to determine if your current condition impairs your ability to perform essential job functions.
  3. Health Risk Assessments – We’ll analyze your current medical condition and provide you with a simple report outlining your health risks.

We provide pre-employment physicals for all lines of work including but not limited to: Transportation Workers, Sanitation Workers, Healthcare Workers, Home Healthcare Professionals and Corporate positions. If you have an urgent need for a urine drug screening or drug testing, we can set up a same-day appointment with our partnered laboratory.

Please remember that a pre-employment physical should not be considered a replacement or substitute for your annual physical examination.

Walk-ins are welcome or contact us to schedule an appointment. Most forms of insurance are accepted and, if you do not have insurance, our physical exams are affordable. Our goal is to make sure you get the medical attention and services you need.