DOT/FMCSA Physical Exam

The DOT/FMCSA, Department of Transportation has a high standard to ensure that those who drive commercial vehicles will not cause harm to the public. The DOT/FMCSA physical exam is required by most employers before hiring new employees. The exam will test the following:

  1. Blood pressure
  2. Muscle strength and reflexes
  3. Back problems
  4. Issues with internal organs
  5. Chronic diseases
  6. Diabetes
  7. Cardiovascular health
  8. Ability to sit for long periods of time
  9. Ability to handle high levels of stress and mental strain

At EG Health Care, we ensure that your DOT/FMCSA physical exam is quick and painless and affordable. Unlike most providers, we only charge $75 for a DOT/FMCSA physical exam. Call us to schedule an appointment.