Annual Physical

Annual physical exams ensure wellness and good health. They are also important because they allow you and your provider to evaluate any warning sign or issues that need to be corrected or treated before they become a serious issue. During the exam we can make recommendations for health tests that you may need for screening and prevention.

We strongly encourage all patients, children and adults alike, to schedule an annual check up. At EG Healthcare, we will discuss your medical history, your current medications, vaccination status and family medical history. We will then perform a comprehensive physical exam. The physical exam portion will include obtaining your vital signs, listening to your heart, lungs, and abdomen, as well as a general review of your skin, ears, mouth, and eyesight. To complete the physical, we may draw blood in order to run several laboratory tests. These can include a complete blood count and chemistry panel. This helps detect irregularities in the blood that might indicate a larger problem. We may also request a lipid panel, or cholesterol test, to determine if a patient has an increased risk of heart attack, heart disease, or stroke. Testing for diabetes as well as thyroid issues may also be performed.

A depression screening will be performed.

In addition, screening tests may be ordered. These include but are not limited to: Mammograms, Colonoscopy and Osteoporosis Screening

Once we get your total medical picture we may also refer you to the appropriate specialist to further evaluate your conditions.

Let us identify the problems today so you may live healthier tomorrow.

Walk-ins are welcome or contact us to schedule an appointment. Most forms of insurance are accepted and, if you do not have insurance, our physical exams are affordable. Our goal is to make sure you get the medical attention and services you need.