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Annual physical exam: 7 reasons to get it now

If you’re like many others, you’ve undoubtedly gone years without an annual physical check-up. Maybe you’re in excellent health and have never been afflicted with a chronic disease or significant medical concern. So why do you need to schedule an annual trip to your primary care physician?

Scheduling a yearly physical check-up is simple, and it’s an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There’s no good excuse to miss your yearly physical, but there are a number of strong ones to do it right now!

  1. Preventive Care

One of the most important reasons to see your primary care doctor annually is to ensure that nothing is wrong. Your healthcare professional will do regular laboratory tests, including a blood count, during your yearly visits.

Undergoing regular blood tests might help you identify any signals of mild to major imbalances and possible health concerns even before you start feeling any symptoms. Remember that early detection is essential for maintaining good health.

Additionally, there are several standard tests that must be performed at certain ages for each gender.

A regular physical check-up is the only way to keep track of all of these necessary examinations. Your healthcare professional will identify and conduct all required tests and handle any health problems that may occur quickly.

  1. Update Your Immunizations 

Another reason to get a yearly physical check is to make sure you’re updated on your vaccinations. Children, adolescents, and adults require different vaccinations at various points in their lives.

Compared to adults, kids need more frequent vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases. On the other hand, adults often get booster shots as necessary to avoid catching avoidable illnesses. 

Children need immunizations against diseases such as hepatitis B, DTaP, varicella, and influenza. Teenagers must be vaccinated for HPV, polio, measles, and rubella. Adults need immunizations such as the zoster vaccine to protect against viruses, including shingles.

This can be a lot to remember, but your healthcare provider can easily verify your immunization record to guarantee you are updated. If you are overdue for a vaccination or have missed a shot, your doctor may often give the vaccine during your annual check-up, eliminating the need for an additional visit.

  1. Update Medical Records

Undergoing a routine medical examination will update your medical records. Your medical records contain a complete summary of your health history. These records provide your doctor with the information they need to make sure you’ve had all the essential examinations and your vaccination status. It would also help them address any concerns you may have.

Other than that, your medical records enable your physician to assess how your health has progressed and if you are right health path. Moreover, an accurate evaluation of your health can only be made if you have a complete medical history, which is why it is so important for you to have one.

This might also come in handy in an emergency. Emergency doctors may review your previous test results if you ever find yourself needing medical attention. It’s much easier for them to figure out what’s wrong when they have all of this data at their disposal.

  1. Save Money

Others believe that having a yearly physical is a waste of time and money. Scheduling an annual check-up with your healthcare provider may prove to be more cost-effective than seeking medical attention more frequently. 

Getting a physical exam once a year might help you save money on future medical expenses. If you are diagnosed with a sickness or condition early on, your treatment will cost less than if you wait until you are symptomatic. 

Preventing a problem is simpler (and less costly) than resolving it afterward. Detecting a condition at an early stage is important to your health and your bank account. You may rest easy knowing that scheduling your yearly physical check-up is a smart financial move.

  1. Discuss Your Medication

Your annual check-up is an excellent opportunity to address any prescriptions you are presently taking and any concerns you may have concerning medications. A medication assessment is an important factor in your healthcare, and an annual physical examination is an ideal opportunity to do one.

Whether you’re considering stopping an existing medication or beginning a new one to treat a problem that has arisen since your previous test, your yearly exam is the opportunity to do so. Your medical expert may review your symptoms, drug response, and medical history with you to identify the best prescription plan for you.

During the visit, the healthcare professional may provide recommendations based on your symptoms. For instance, if you have specific risk factors for asthma, your physician may recommend bronchodilators.

  1. Address Medical Concerns and Questions

Even if you’re in great shape, you’re certain to have medical issues and worries at some point in the year. You may do a fast Google search or attempt to resolve the problem on your own, but the best course of action is always to see a medical expert.

Your annual physical check-up is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and address problems that you believed were too trivial to warrant their own visit. You may be wondering: Why is it that every time you stand, your knee pops? How can lower back discomfort be avoided?

Your healthcare professional will be more than pleased to spend the time necessary to answer any questions you may have, no matter how little they may seem to you.

  1. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

When you see your doctor once a year, you may learn about healthy lifestyle options. Doctors throughout the world are always up-to-date on the latest healthcare trends because of the nature of their work.

This allows them to keep you up to date on any changes to the standards for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They may also tell you about outdated health practices that may be putting your life at risk.

There are also booklets, periodicals, and several other sources of information available at every doctor’s office. You may take them home and study to learn more about the most recent information on leading a healthy life.

Bottom Line

Having a yearly check-up allows your doctor to examine your general health and propose tests, bloodwork, or immunizations that are important at each stage of life. Moreover, during your yearly physical exam, you get the chance to speak with your doctor about any health problems you have and get advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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