Menstrual issues, pelvic pains, hair loss, and other vaginal problems can disrupt your everyday life. Gynecology problems in women are commonplace, and we understand those concerns and are here to provide you with the best care.  

At EG Healthcare, we understand how stressed you can be during your first gynecologist appointment with a new provider. That is why we created a comfortable atmosphere and designed our practice to ensure that we treat our patients with the kindness and respect you deserve.

At EG Healthcare, we created our gynecological team and processes with the patient’s experience as the central focus to make sure you feel comfortable from the moment you enter our office.

Our range of gynecology services

Gynecology problems may demand different treatments which can be medical, surgical or part of routine care.  Our gynecology providers will spend time to diagnose and understand your concerns to offer advice in any treatment you may need.

We offer advice and medical management for a wide range of gynecological problems, including:

  • Pelvic pain & bleeding
  • Fibroids
  • Infertility
  • Vaginal skin disorders

Gynecological matters can range from routine to life-altering. Menstrual issues, including excessive bleeding, can be a symptom of iron loss and make you anemic. It goes without saying, without evaluation by a provider, gynecological issues can disrupt your quality of life.

Frequently asked questions about our gynecology appointments

What is the difference between gynecology and obstetrics?

Gynecology (GYN) involves care for any health concerns of women.

Obstetrics (OB) involves care during childbirth and the care provided during pre-conception, pregnancy, and immediately after delivery.

What exactly does a gynecologist do?

A gynecologist looks after the overall health, including issues regarding the reproductive systems of female patients.

Should I shave before going to the gynecologist?

It is not necessary to shave or wax before your gynecological appointment. It is however recommended to shower and are practicing typical vaginal hygiene.

What should I wear to a gynecologist appointment?

We recommend you wear whatever makes you feel comfortable while being appropriate for a medical setting.

What can I expect at a gynecologist appointment?

This depends on the reason for your appointment; however, some things that you can expect are:

  • Blood & urine samples
  • Weight and measurement
  • Blood pressure test
  • Questions about medical history & past surgeries

How long does a gynecologist exam take?

The length of a typical gynecologist exam will depend on your reason for the exam. Initial visits will always tend to go longer as a thorough history is needed. If your visit is routine, you can expect the physical exam to last less than 10 minutes. If you need a routine exam and also have an issue you would like to address, you can expect that exam to last a little bit longer. We encourage questions and prefer to explain everything so you can feel in charge of your own gynecological health

Is it OK to go to the gynecologist while on your period?

For a routine exam, we encourage you to not come during menstruation. However, for any prolonged menses, or menses lasting longer than normal for you, you will need an examination.

When should you start seeing the gynecologist?

You can start seeing a gynecologist once you turn 18 years or become sexually active. We recommend visiting your gynecologist once a year.  

Can I have sex before going to the gynecologist?

We recommend you avoid unprotected intercourse for at least 48 hours before your appointment.