Your health isn’t limited to your physical health. That’s why we provide mental health counseling and services for individuals in Staten Island. We promote recovery for both the individuals suffering from mental health challenges and their families.

A New Mental Health Collaboration

EG Healthcare, through collaboration with Concert Health, now offers Mental Health Behavioral Therapists on site. Through this collaboration, we can now successfully offer screening, therapy, and psychiatric consultations in our practice.

Referral Services Available

Our high performing therapist-care managers deliver screening to assess symptom severity and provide brief therapy interventions. This allows our patients to get access to holistic care in a single location. Our therapists have Psychiatric Consultants on call who are ready and able to provide medication and referral recommendations to ensure our patients are able to get the help they need.

Conditions We Treat

Our therapist-care managers treat a variety of conditions to support your mental health.

Some of the conditions we are qualified to treat include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD

We also treat other mental health concerns that can be treated in an outpatient setting. Our experienced therapists have both the experience and understanding to carefully analyze our patients to provide them the services needed.

Suffering from a mental health condition can adversely affect your relationships and career prospects. Our job is to get our patients on the path towards recovery. Through a comprehensive approach, we support our patients in balancing and healing mental health challenges.

How to Get Started with Our Staten Island Mental Health Services

Taking the first step on the road to mental health recovery is an important moment in your life. We are here to make it as seamless as possible.

To get started with our outpatient behavioral services, just call our office and schedule your first appointment with our highly qualified therapists. In some cases, a patient will need an immediate assessment, and we can provide that level of care as well. When a referral is needed for medication, we can suggest the appropriate medication and help you access the medication you require.

Behavioral therapy is a process of assessing your current mental health and then establishing a basic understanding of what potential treatment is required to address it. Typically, we can classify therapy as either targeting our behavioral health or mental health. We can work with you to address both as needed.

Our wide variety of outpatient behavioral health services ensure you are fully supported along every step of your mental health journey. You can trust and rely on our team for superior support when you need it.

Contact us today to schedule your initial assessment to get on the road to recovery with your mental health in Staten Island.