“Back To School Is Not Just For Kids”

Welcome back to school

How many colored pencils do you see in the picture? The answer is September. Did you say eight? That is also correct. And it is hard to believe that it will be September in just eight days. Summer went by quickly right? Just as it always does. This time of year many of us are preparing for the start of the school year. Picking up supplies, shopping for clothes and figuring out how we are going to keep our children entertained all winter. Between signing up for sports leagues, dancing schools, and making sure your children are up to date on their vaccinations, – we know its a busy month.
We are here to remind you that,  YOU ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR CHILD. You are probably so busy that you forget to take care of yourself. Every parent is guilty of this. We say “I’ll get to that later” or we postpone our Doctor’s appointments in order to tend to our family’s needs. Before we know it, three months have passed. It is never to late to form a new habit and making your health a priority is a good habit to have. You know how we remember to change our batteries in our Carbon Monoxide Detectors every year in October around day light savings? (Did we just remind you that you haven’t changed that battery in over a year?) Lets try to use Back To School as our annual reminder to get a medical evaluation. Isn’t that a great idea?

Don’t have children? Not even thinking of  back to school? That’s ok. We still want you healthy. September is a good time of year to prepare our bodies for the winter months ahead. It is a great time of year to check your blood pressure and be tested for pre diabetes or any other illness that may interfere with living your life to the fullest.
Here at EG HealthCare we see patients for Pediatric Care and Primary Care, so while your child is getting his/her back- to- school check up, ask us what immunizations adults need. Vaccinating yourself and your children is one of the most important ways to help protect all your family members from contagious diseases such as Chickenpox, Flu and Whooping Cough. A number of other vaccines are also recommended for adults based on age and various risk factors.

EG Healthcare prides itself on providing amazing care for children and for adults. Always keeping the patient as our focus. As always we are here to address any medical questions you may have. Call our office today at (718) 698-6700 to schedule that well (over due) Physical Examination Visit, you need to make sure you have an illness- free healthy winter.

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